Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Reduce the threat of high-risk tenants that may cause trouble or damage your rental property by doing a tenant screening before letting out your rental property. Thorough tenant screening gives you in-depth background information on your prospective tenant that helps you make crucial decisions that may affect your property value in the future.

Savvy Mobile Drug Testing tenant screening drug test for property owners, management companies, and landlords for results such as tenants’ credit profile, criminal and eviction records, and job and income verification to protect your rental investment.

We protect your property’s future value today.



Background check:

Create a free account to send a potential tenant an invitation for a background check.

Obtain the tenant's permit for rental screening:

Your potential landlord receives an invitation to the rental screening and completes their application.

Get a report of Tenant screening:

We confirm and send you the employer’s debt check, crime, discharge, and Income Insights reports.

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